About Us

Kaptol Media is Not Your Typical Digital Media Agency.

We’ll show you exactly how SEO and Digital Marketing will transform your business. We know how difficult it is to find a reliable and trustworthy digital marketing company. The ‘first page results’ promise is everywhere and it’s almost impossible to find an Australian SEO agency that can actually deliver on it. So, in an industry where everyone is claiming to have the ‘secret recipe’ for SEO, how do you find one that actually knows what they’re doing?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies you may have worked with, Kaptol Media won’t make any wild promises about what it can do for you. We quietly do what we know and work on improving the digital presence of your business. We apply robustly, proven SEO techniques to rank your website and improve your business.

The processes we use are a result of years of experience combined with continuing education centered on the latest advancements and changes in search engine optimisation.
Glenn providing specialist SEO services in Dubai
Our focus is firmly on providing the best SEO and DIGITAL MARKETING services in Australia.
Google’s search algorithm is complex and changing constantly.
​You need to work with a dedicated SEO agency who lives and breathes search engine optimisation.
ROI is the primary measure we use to gauge performance. You can drive as much traffic as you like to a site, but if you don’t convert that traffic, it’s just activity.
We use SEO to target your market at the right time to convert traffic into customers.

Our Goal!

Our goal is simple. To get you more business by increasing your exposure to your potential customers. We do this by leveraging the power of digital marketing.
​our promise is to get you results. We’re here for you!
We will give you our best, and then some.

Who are we?

Kaptol Media is a group of it professionals led by Glenn Broadbent.​Glenn’s expertise in the it business extends right back to 1979.Over the last 40 years he has built and run a wide range of companies in many areas of business.These companies include sports stores, optometry practices, software sales and support, hairdressing salonstraffic management and project management. He currently runs and International eCommerce company and an International Financial Hedge Fund Business.

He knows business!

This wide range of experience allows Kaptol Media to assist other businesses to leverage off the power of the internet.
​Kaptol Media uses the latest technology and techniques to design websites which rank quickly in modern browser search engines.
We also adopt well proven strategies to provide businesses with high quality leads to make their business stronger.
​Let us show you how!

What do we do?

We listen!

Our company has been built on honesty and integrity and we value this more than anything else.

We utilise

proven techniques to analyse your current technology to expose any problems.
​We then create a plan to solve any issues and put in place the steps to grow your business.

We help!

​Once we understand your processes we discuss openly and honestly the plan to take your business to the next level.

We guarantee!

We will exceed your expectations.