Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation involves collecting the contact information of prospective customers who are interested in your product or service.

This information generally consists of their name, phone number and email address. it can in some cases also include the demographics and product or service preferences.

Lead Generation generally is broken into two types:

Sales Leads

These are leads which are gathered based on general criteria such as demographics, age, gender, income and other specific data. These leads are then sold and can be distributed to multiple companies or advertising agencies.

Marketing Leads

Marketing leads are specific to a brand, niche or specific advertising campaign. marketing leads are sold only once. specifically, to the organisation running the campaign.

How does the lead generation process work?

The three main methods used are online lead generation, social media and email marketing.

Online lead generation

This is an internet marketing term used to describe the process of gathering prospective consumer interest for a product or service provided by a business.
Leads are generated for various purposes:

  • building a customer list
  • creating interest in a e-newsletter
  • developing reward programs and loyalty programs
  • increasing sales volume

Social media

The use of social media has risen rapidly and organizations are increasing their use of social networking to generate leads and develop business opportunities.
The most actively used platforms are facebook, linkedin and twitter.​

Email marketing

The use of email remains the most popular method businesses use to gain exposure to potential clients and other business.
Businesses and marketers use email marketing to send either to cold prospects or to further nurture warmer contacts. The effectiveness of email ensures the future of this method as a popular marketing tool.

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