I’ll try not to get too technical, but I believe it’s important clients have a basic understanding of some of the important terms relating to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are three main factors which are critical when ranking websites:


This is the most important and is where most sites are lacking.

Content is the amount of words (or information) your site has on each page. When someone searches for something on the internet, the search engine, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, looks at every word on every page on every website in the world and looks for its relevancy to what the person typed in. (The search engine indexes the results for future searches but that’s another story)

Therefore, what is written on your page helps the search engine determine what it wants the person to see. If they see the information on your page is more relevant than the information on other pages, you will rank higher. It’s that simple … well not quite.

Keywords are the actual words or phrases people type in when they want to find something.

Keywords are often known as Anchor Text. They anchor your site to what it’s about. For example. If you happened to be in the education business, you would want the term ‘education’ as the term people will find you for.

When someone types in ‘education’ the search engine looks for all the sites which have ‘education’ in the content on their site and ranks them according to the relevancy of that Content. (or relevancy to the term education)

Therefore, it is essential you have the word ‘education’ in the content on your website if you are in the education business.
Further to that, you can have as many relevant ‘keywords’ as possible in your content and you can rank for any of them.


Backlinks are where your site (or page) is connected to other pages. These pages need to be relevant to your industry.
I won’t go into too much depth here but when you look at a website you might find a word which is a link. (it is usually in blue .. or a different colour from all the other text).

Here’s one …. Shopify If you click on it you will go to a page on my site, but you can link to pages on other websites as well.
Backlinks are very important because, as I described above, The search engines looks at every word in every page of your website and if it finds a ‘link’ it will follow it to see if it also is relevant to the search term. If it is, the search engine will treat that as a positive and give you even more relevancy which will help to rank you even higher.

I know that’s a lot to absorb and you don’t really need to fully understand it, you just need to know that we do.
However, given the changes going on in the World now the internet has become even more relevant than it has ever been and it’s good to have a basic understanding of how these things work.

There are many more things involved to get a website to rank in the search engine results.

We can do a full analysis of your site and identify what needs improving and what needs to be added.

Why focus so much on getting you to the top?
Statistics confirm that more than 80% of people will choose one of the top 3 websites which appear in their search results.

I don’t need to explain how important that is!

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